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Muskego, WI

PST Group, headquartered in Muskego, WI, is a leading provider of high-quality ball screws and precision motion control solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, PST Group has established itself as a trusted partner for companies in various industries seeking reliable and efficient motion control solutions.

Ball Screws Products:

PST Group specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of ball screws, which are essential components in many applications requiring precise linear motion. Their ball screws are engineered with utmost precision and built to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

PST Group offers a wide range of ball screws to meet diverse customer needs. They provide both standard and custom-designed ball screws, ensuring that clients receive the optimal solution for their specific applications. Whether it's a small-scale project or a large industrial system, PST Group's ball screws are designed to provide smooth, efficient, and reliable linear motion.

Service Capabilities:

PST Group's expertise extends beyond product manufacturing. The company is committed to providing comprehensive service capabilities to support their customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects. Here are some of the key service offerings provided by PST Group:

Engineering Support: PST Group employs a team of highly skilled engineers who collaborate closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and challenges. Leveraging their deep technical knowledge and experience, PST Group's engineers provide expert guidance and support in selecting the most suitable ball screw solutions for specific applications.

Customization: Recognizing that each application has its own unique demands, PST Group offers extensive customization options for their ball screws. Their engineering team works closely with customers to understand their precise requirements and develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. This customization capability ensures that clients receive ball screws that are optimized for their applications, improving overall system performance.

Prototyping and Testing: PST Group understands the importance of thorough prototyping and testing to ensure the reliability and performance of ball screws in real-world conditions. They have advanced testing facilities and equipment to validate the performance of their products. By conducting rigorous testing and validation, PST Group ensures that their ball screws meet the highest quality standards and deliver consistent results.

Technical Support and Maintenance: PST Group is dedicated to providing ongoing technical support and maintenance services to its customers. Their knowledgeable support team is available to address any inquiries or concerns regarding the installation, operation, or maintenance of their ball screws. This commitment to customer service helps optimize the performance and longevity of their products.

Timely Delivery: PST Group understands the importance of meeting deadlines in today's fast-paced business environment. They have streamlined manufacturing processes and robust supply chain management to ensure timely delivery of their ball screws. Customers can rely on PST Group's efficient logistics operations to receive their products on schedule, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


PST Group is a trusted provider of ball screws and precision motion control solutions. Their dedication to quality, customization, engineering support, and comprehensive service capabilities sets them apart in the industry. With PST Group as a partner, customers can expect exceptional ball screw products and reliable support throughout their projects, enabling them to achieve superior motion control performance in their applications.

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