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Fairfield, CT

Universal Thread Grinding Company has an extensive experience of manufacturing high performance ball screws. We offer a variety of lead screw assemblies, cartridge assemblies, dual thrust assemblies and mounting brackets for a plethora of linear positioning applications. Universal Thread Grinding Company works hard to supply each customer with the proper equipment that is best suited for their particular application. Our products have a number of value-added benefits which sets our products apart from other conventional ball screw systems. These benefits include: anti-backlash nut design for bidirectional repeatability, minimum helical nonlinearity, self-aligning functions, no noise and much more. Universal Thread Grinding Company strives for high customer satisfaction which is why we offer a comprehensive specification check list to assist customers with ordering customized lead screw assemblies. From a standard stock product to a unique solution; our experienced staff at Universal Thread Grinding Company is eager to help. Our teams offer immediate response and timely delivery. Universal Thread Grinding Company pays very close attention to detail which is why customers have grown to trust our high quality products. As a leading manufacturer of lead screw assemblies, the experts at Universal Thread Grinding Company are developing the latest innovations in our industry. Our products have lead accuracies of 10 microinches per turn and 25 microinches per inch. This is one of the best ratios in the industry and Universal Thread Grinding Company many other secondary features included with our products. Our designs have clear advantages compared to conventional lead screws. These items have self-compensation for pitch diameter variation which saves money for the user because this features extends the lifetime of the product without performance loss. More information regarding our products can be found on the Universal Thread Grinding Company website.

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